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We discuss workplace culture, diversity, and inclusion across a variety of platforms. It is encouraging to learn that when speakers talk on various platforms, equal employment opportunity (EEO) practices will likely be more emerging and that women’s participation in the workforce appears to be rising. With an expectation of next two to one years, it will be feasible to meet the KPI for gender diversity in the workplace. However; in the reality, there is a big gap between what is said and what is actually done, between planning and doing.

After the year, the speaker reiterated that talks about diversity and inclusion are somewhat more prevalent on March 08 each year. HR department holds an employee engagement event; female coworkers pay slightly more attention to that day; pictures are taken; and likes and comments are shared on social media. This is a straightforward image now a days.

At corporate, we work toward this workforce diversity KPI, we are seeing an increase in the number of women working in distribution sales or direct production of heavy industry. Reassessing whether or not this deployment is viable is necessary. How compatible are these deployments with the local culture, to use a purely arbitrary question?

The questions are many, the solutions are very few or near to zero.

Talent Forum is introducing Women Desk, country’s first forum for women-specific solutions. Females from corporate and community will get headhunting solution from the women professionals of Talent Forum. More importantly, no male Talent Forum experts will facilitate female job seekers in finding the best job available or establish a connection with corporate; only female professionals will do so.

Additionally, our female professional team will offer more than advisory services to help women surmount obstacles in the areas of diversity & inclusion, workplace culture, and equal employment opportunity (EEO). The female professional team at talent forum is prepared to offer more than advice on how female professionals can take advantage of opportunities at work and overcome any obstacles to job advancement.

Female clients under B2C modality will have a new experience simply by doing things smartly.

With experiences across FMCG, Pharmaceuticals, Telecom, Banking, Development, Textile, RMG, RMG Accessories, Construction & Building Materials, Property & Hospital, Consultancy, DTH, Gas, Media, and Public sector – only we offer women helpdesk for you that you deserve.

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