You may change your speech for different occasions, but are you changing your CV to right fit for different jobs?

In the era of AI, all CVs must be custom fitted as per key words taken JD. Otherwise even the most resourceful of CV will not reach the decisionmakers hand.

We know how challenging it is to have custom-made CV for each job circular. This is where we come in.

Talent Forum offers categorical service to an individual where Individual’s CV will be remodeled according to the JD/role profile, totally based on individual’s performance (KPI), and potentiality. Every time a JD/or role profile is advertised / circulated to recruit employees, the individual’s CV or profile can be changed to fit. That’s how simple it is.

Get an Ai-embedded résumé from Talent Forum that uses the world’s latest technology. For details, click here:

With experiences across FMCG, Pharmaceuticals, Telecom, Banking, Development, Textile, RMG, RMG Accessories, Construction & Building Materials, Property & Hospital, Consultancy, DTH, Gas, Media, and Public sector – only we offer how to build your resume which will help you build the career you deserve.

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