Local Consulting Firm Collaboration Program

Talent Forum has launched a program named collaboration program with local consulting firms, which is the first of its genre in Bangladesh.

This referral service is available to local consulting firms, looking to provide talent-based consulting solution to the corporate client in Bangladesh. This service does not justify the need for a local consulting firm collaboration program; rather, it focuses how to provide better consulting solutions to local consulting firms for corporate in Bangladesh.

We accept consulting requests of corporate clients from any local consulting firms operating in Bangladesh. And offer those consulting firms a complete solution to the requests to rollout /onboard at corporate client end successfully, which is what local consulting firm collaboration program is all about.

Following are the scope of this service:

  • Professional Search
  • Bulk Professional Search
  • C Suite Search
  • Expat Search
  • Salary and Benefit Survey
  • Employee Engagement Survey
  • Talent Application
  • Strategic Intervention & Change Management Service
  • Annual Business Plan
  • Strategy Execution

Why Talent Forum:

  • We are contented with a world-class, systematic, and customized consulting & professional search approach to partnering with local consulting companies in owning this approach for corporate. And a high level of business acumen has made us today one-off in HR consulting.
  • We worked with/delivered consultancy results in the FMCG, Pharmaceuticals, Telecom, Banking, Development, Textile, RMG, RMG Accessories, Construction & Building Materials, Property & Hospital, Consultancy, DTH, Gas, Media, and Bangladesh Defense-Government sectors, which spanned nearly all major industries at the corporate, manufacturing, upcountry, and international levels.
  • We understand industry networking well and that it takes to find the best strategic fit for organization’s consulting needs. To strengthen our integrated networking system, we have seasoned professionals as Knowledge Partners from 20 different countries around the world, including North America, Europe, and South Asia.
  • Our consulting & professional search are focused on the target company as well as the targeted group/ employee from the market.


  • Requisition(s) from organization
  • Contract
  • NDA on Confidentiality & IP  

Only we offer this referred service to local consulting firms through actionable tools, insights & results.

Want to take this consulting service forward? Please contact us to know more.


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