As Assessors, we select experienced people from various industries based on the common job description (JD) that exists in all industries, and they are a perfect match. And we got used to the JD based interview system. Even if both the JD matches, the preceding organization’s work style is different, as is the budget, the reporting boss, the strategy, and the organization culture. This results in a significant expectation/ potentiality gap after the selected candidate is hired by the subsequent organization.

Research says, 50%-70% of the choices in this JD-based interview method are incorrect, and the organization experiences rapid employee turnover and poor performance for the remainder, both of which have a significant impact on the organization’s bottom line.

Global giants, on the other hand, have a one-of-a-kind hiring process. They use the Competency Based Interview Technique (CBIT) instead of a JD-based interview, which fills all gaps left by previous practices.

Consequently, we can confidently introduce the ‘CBIT’ method, which is one of the most widely used interview approaches globally.

CBIT is based on a “competency framework” that includes functional, leadership/behavioral, and core competencies.

More importantly, a competency framework is strategically integrated with performance evaluation system, as well as with role profile, succession management, TNA, IDP Management, and PIP Management.

Introducing a competency framework will improve the overall financial performance of your organization, undoubtedly!

Core Competency Framework- baseline for resources allocation

  • Functional competencies (vary across the organization’s job layers)
  • Behavioral/ Leadership competencies (vary across the organization’s job layers)

  • Core competencies : All employees in the organization share the same core competencies. However, the behavior indicator for the same core competencies varies across the organization’s job layers.

Following the example of an approach of how-to framing core competency, the organization can anticipate the following how approach where we will collaboratively discuss to implement your organization’s core competency.

Following the approach of how-to translate / integrate core competency and Its BI in the talent ecosystem:

Following the approach of how to manage non-representative behavior in the organization.

Following the approach of how to apply core competency throughout the organization in the short-long period.

We will collaboratively formulate competency framework, rollout strategy through actionable tools, insights and advice.

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