Verification of Employee Experience Using Market Networking – avoiding bad hiring

If you hire an employee whose previous work delivery or impact you are unaware, or if you want to understand more clearly the role played by the candidate/ appointee in the previous organization, or if you want to know more deeply about the job dimension of the candidate/ appointee in the previous organization, this is the service for you.

Knowing this previous impact is critical for the successor organization because the impact of the departing organization has an influence on the successor organization’s new role, deliverables, KPIs, strategy, and culture.

This service has recently emerged as a requirement for the issuance of offer letters/appointment letters.

Our BI team typically takes three working days to complete this end-to-end express service.

This service is available in Bangladesh for both MNCs and local businesses.

We will collaboratively deliver employee experience verification solution through actionable tools, insights & results.

Want to take this consulting service forward?

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