Nafisa Sharmin, Senior People Engagement Specialist- Talent Forum

Nafisa Sharmin is a Senior People Engagement Specialist at Talent Forum

She manages expert and community communication, outreach, and engagement functions on a global scale of Talent Forum’s B2B, B2C, and Partnership divisions.

At Talent Forum, she also manages the Women’s Desk, the Country’s first forum for women-specific solutions.

She has more than 7 years of experience from companies that were leaders in media, technology, and manufacturing.

She specializes in digital sales and innovation, digital product design, digital engagement, business development, communication (people, market, and mass media), and human resources.

She is a certified new business creator and the winner of a German entrepreneurial project competition. Her academic training from the University of Dhaka, BUET, and HMKW enables her to see business solutions from a range of applications.

With a practical and academic focus on consumer psychology, neuromarketing, and diverse digital products, she went through her master’s degree in international marketing and media management at the HMKW – University of Applied Sciences for Media, Communication, and Management in Frankfurt, Germany. She has an MBA with a marketing specialization from the University of Dhaka, Dhaka. She completed her undergraduate studies with a dual concentration in HRM and MIS from East West University, Dhaka.

She manages her work globally from Frankfurt, Germany, in Europe.