Talent Forum thrives to developing a knowledge-based economy by encouraging ground breaking research that unleashes talent across industry, generation, and region.

To uphold the aforementioned ideology and be the reasons for our core success, we will conduct survey and groundbreaking research on a continuous basis, unleash new ideas/innovation to the talent community to which we belong.

We conducted a global survey on “Next Talent Outlook” in more than 55 countries, covering all major industries and companies worldwide, with an emphasis on APAC, Europe, and North America.

Senior professionals from over 120 non-Bangladeshi companies, including more than 50 global giants, and more than 100 top local companies around the world contributed to the effect of our global survey.

Talent Forum is casting this survey result to all the professionals around the world. To know more and survey result, please email us at Access to this survey result is free, however; conditions apply on intellectual property.

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