This morning, I had a coffee meeting with my CEO, and he asked me about status of the company’s health. I responded – It is somehow moving. While sipping from his cup, the boss questioned whether the company’s cultural tone was aligned. I remained silent for a while, then took a sip and told the boss that there are some challenges, but overall it is not bad.

He began by saying, “The chief sales officer told me that he is having difficulty managing his team due to high employee turnover”. Because of the below-average salary structure as compare to market, the attrition rate is high. chief marketing officer is of the same opinion as chief sales officer, and also added the necessity of employee recognition, career advancement of employees. What do you think? – he asked me. I began…yes, they are correct, but we have locked our budget for this year; what should we do?

My operations head told me yesterday that employees are working longer hours and their work-life balance is hampering. Have you heard anything about it? – I replied, I will speak to head of operations after having this discussion with you now. My CEO took a look at me.

I charged my service head -why are customer complaints increasing? He identified a training gap for his team members and already notified your HR team. What are your thoughts on this? I stated that we provided sufficient training… the CEO stopped me and started saying that workers and their supervisors on the shopfloor went on strike for one hour the day before yesterday due to severe dissatisfaction on their part. His gaze remained fixed on me.

My boss’s cappuccino is nearly done. He concluded me with a loud & clear message “I want to hear a complete voice from all my employees objectively covering all parameters of the organization – then I will move forward with solutions of those”. My immediate response was to conduct an “employee engagement survey” to assemble all of Boss’s quarries in one application.

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