Interview Technique for Candidate: Competency Based Interview – Technique (CBIT)

The only formula to select the best candidate by investigating the quality of the experienced candidate in the interview board is the how approach, which is always used by employers on candidates in the smart organization.

Because candidates are not ready for how approach of the interview, their employment opportunity drops 50%-70%.

A candidate does not need to take much preparation to increase the chances of being hired. Candidate only needs to change the approach to win the interview, here comes the approach of CBIT.

The example that follows will help to clarify –

Robert was taking interview for the position Trade Marketing Manager and after ice breaking part, he goes on like this-

Robert: So, tell me WHAT are the trade projects you rolled out in your current job?

Candidate: I happened to rollout “X”, “Y”, “Z” projects.

Robert: Excellent. HOW did you drive “Y” project?

Candidate: Continues elaborating the planning part…

Robert: Very good. HOW did you execute, extensively tell us?

Candidate: *gets nervous and starts answering in a shaky voice*

Robert: HOW did you manage the day to day POSMs operation of X project?

Candidate: *starts mumbling*

“HOW” approach is the ultimate technique to nail an interview. Talent Forum derives the best Interview technique service to individual, interviewee.

Competency based Interview Technique -CBIT or Competency Based Behavioral Interview Technique- CBBIT both can successfully dignify the exact DNA of caliber of a candidate. So, it is a mandate for an interviewer to follow CBIT / CBBIT and an interviewee must be fully prepared to master these concepts.

Talent Forums accompanied by the best HR practices and market intelligence brings the footprint to rule over these Interview techniques and make sure success for the client under B2C model.

B2C clients will have a new experience simply by doing things differently.

With experiences across FMCG, Pharmaceuticals, Telecom, Banking, Development, Textile, RMG, RMG Accessories, Construction & Building Materials, Property & Hospital, Consultancy, DTH, Gas, Media, and Public sector – only we offer how to build your resume which will help you build the career you deserve.

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