It is not easy for organizations especially large and complex organizations to make the tough choices. These choices demand that managers successfully navigate a variety of tensions. A major tension exists between the competing demands of growing a business, turning a profit, and instilling an appropriate level of control over procedures and processes without inhibiting innovation.

These demands are a fundamental tension between the need for a business to be innovative and nimble, on the one hand, while providing the necessary level of control over business activities, on the other hand, execution is ten times tougher than planning.

Talent Forum provides an extensive Annual Business Plan- ABP and, consequently, Strategy Execution solution that, in our opinion, is a great fit for a competitive organization seeking to increase its market share.

Developing a revenue/export plan, a S&D plan, a production/import plan, Annual Operational Plan- AOP or an expansion/growth plan in silos, serves the need of your entire business?

In the aforesaid framework, we are here to collaborate with you as a strategic partner to create an Annual Business Plan (ABP) that incorporates all of the plans into one. And that is strategic, comprehensive and balanced. Even in these difficult economic times, doing same things differently will almost always result in top- and bottom-line gains!

Consequently, strategy execution is the number one challenge in the organization across the world. 3 out 5 companies are weak, poor in strategy execution. – Here we are for a comprehensive solution.

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