Talent Forum unleashes the emerging trend of accessing seasoned counsel by engaging knowledge services of seasoned professionals from outside of the company on a global scale.

Our management wants to connect with mentors under the initiative of Global Knowledge Partners to increase the velocity of the knowledge economy rather than assuming that it is our sole responsibility on our own in high-stakes situations.

The term “Global Knowledge Partner” refers to a seasoned professional who is an external, this is not compensated. The single role of this position is to exchange knowledge voluntarily. NDA on confidentiality and IP at all levels for each stakeholder is our policy matter.

Global Knowledge Partner will provide context-specific advice based on experience, wisdom, and networks that are highly pertinent to the challenges to be solved.

“Talent Forum has onboarded seven (7) Global Knowledge Partners on a global scale in the areas of Marketing, Finance, Business Technology , Technology , Supply Chain, Compliance, and Human Resources. And this panel member is expected to rise considerably in the future.”