Bangladesh Labour Law 2006 (amendment in 2013 & 2018), Bangladesh Labour Rules 2015 (amendment in 2022), Bangladesh EPZ Labour Law 2019, Bangladesh EPZ Labour Rules 2022, and Government Directives altogether, a printing factory of about 700 pages.

It is a difficult task to find out in time how any section or article of such a large law is arranged and written, sometimes the inner meaning of its content is also inconceivable. The matter is as if labor law is made for lawyers, not for executives. The matter is not that it is not understood at all, but that it is difficult to understand.

The aforementioned elements present a challenge for us and are difficult to implement in the organization’s daily operations. Some HR law options are written in such a way that it is difficult to determine which one to implement to best suit the organization. HR executives are not implementing many HR laws because they are not application in nature for them, even though they are very cost effective, to some extent zero cost.

This service is for you if you want to get a short, clear, crisp, chronological, applied, and most up-to-date labour law toolkit in one application by overcoming all of the above challenges.

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