Talent Forum begins its journey toward developing a knowledge-based economy by encouraging ground breaking research that unleashes talent across industry, generation, and region. And building a community of professionals unified by a notion that full utilization of the critical talent pool is at the heart of business success.

To meet the talent needs of 360° stakeholders across industry, generation, and region; we have developed our business strategy focusing on South Asia to create an engaged world where Talent Forum offers at least something for everyone.

B2C division offers individual specific need- based, application based solution for individual.

Our tailor-made solution is innovative, nimble and timebound to cater client’s specific need followed by latest industry practices. We adhere to the zero theory, business clarity, confidentiality, and transparency.

Our Women Desk, HR Legal Help Desk, other services will provide our community very exclusive and unique experience which is the first of its genre in Bangladesh.

Please contact us at consultancy@talentforum.org

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