Talent Forum thrives to developing a knowledge-based economy by encouraging ground breaking research that unleashes talent across industry, generation, and region. And building a community of professionals unified by a notion that full utilization of the critical talent pool is at the heart of business success.

To uphold the aforementioned philosophy and be the reasons for our core success, we conducted a global survey on talent outlook for the coming years, covering all key industries and companies around the world focusing on APAC, Europe & North America.

This global survey received substantial contributions from Bahrain, Jordan, UAE,and other important countries in this Gulf region.

Senior professionals from over 50 global giants, over 120 foreign companies around the world contributed to the effect of our global survey.

Some of the global companies are :

Some of the non-Bangladeshi companies are:

And over 100 researchers and senior professionals from academia/organization like Mckinsey, Mercer, Deloitte, EY, PwC, Accenture; Thompson RiversU, CurtinU, GlasgowU, ManchesterU, QueenslandU, HokkaidoU, NewcastleU, YorkU; others contributed to the success of the talent survey.

To know more and survey result, please get in touch. Access to this survey result is free, however; conditions apply on intellectual property.

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