From Teacher to Consultant to Coach

May 19, 2017


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Glen was working as a math teacher, and he enjoyed his job. Emphatic as he always had been, Glen loved to listen to other teachers. He quickly found out that most of them did not like their job, that they lacked motivation, and had rather bad opinion of the students. Needless to say, it all had to reflect itself in their classrooms, and the way they were teaching.

Glen went to talk to the assistant principal, trying to understand the situation. He quickly found out the recruitment was a culprit. The education administrators at his school were smart and knew their job, but they knew nothing about recruitment–it wasn’t their specialty.

Glen started to study the subject, and soon enough he prepared his own interview template–questions mixed with personality tests. He presented the template to the school principal, demanding him to use it from then on. The principal, smart respected man in his fifties, found Glen’s suggestion interesting, but did not understand why they should change their recruitment: “Everything worked fine up to know, so why make any changes?”


Different mentality, different company

After hearing this, things clicked together for Glen. He understood that basically all people in his school, and perhaps in many other schools, have the same mentality as the principal. They liked their system of work, and weren’t looking for any changes or improvements. Fine was okay for them. But Glen pursued perfection, and found things discouraging. He again tried to persuade the principal to use new interview template for the summer recruitment. Principal refused, and Glen left the school.

He obtained a business license, and started traveling from school to school in his State. He talked to principals, presenting the new interview template to them. Soon enough eight schools started to use it, and Glen took part in the recruitment at these educational institutions.The results were better than expected–new teachers (those they chose with the help of Glen’s template) came as a blessing, and made a positive difference on every school.

Encouraged by initial success, Glen continued his work in other parts of the country, until he was headhunted by a recruitment consultancy Meridian. The company offered external recruitment services to schools and private educational institutions. Glen decided to join their team.

Glen worked with Meridian for several years, preparing customized interview templates for the institutions, and leading interviews directly within Meridian. After five years, however, he looked for another change. He missed teaching, and meeting the teachers. So he quit Meridian and resumed his solo career. This time, however, he decided to turn his focus towards teachers, and people who tried to get that job.


Websites with interview questions

Glen started several websites that should help the candidates to succeed in an interview, such as , or , which was a more specialized one. He offered a free, advice to the job candidates, presenting them the most common interview questions, together with good answers and suggestions.Then, if they were interested, he offered private interview coaching lessons.

Soon enough Glen’s websites attracted many visitors, and he was too busy with coaching assignments. Answering the ever growing demand, Glen opted for putting together specialized digital products–eBooks, that would help young people to prepare for their teaching interview–even without direct coaching received from Glen. Instead of offering his books on Amazon, Glen chose to promote them solely on his websites. Each responsible job seeker can find them there, and prepare for their interview better than the competitors.

Glen managed a transition from teacher to consultant to coach, and later even to the writer. Let his inspirational story inspire you on your own way, should you decide to transit your career…..

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