Special Education – Carla’s New Calling

March 29, 2017


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Carla always wanted to teach. She experienced a great schoolteacher at the secondary school, and decided to follow in her footsteps. She opted for University studies, pursuing her degree in education. She succeeded and as a twenty-two years old fresh graduate started her career teaching at the local secondary school.

Carla enjoyed her time with children a lot, but found it hard to build a strong bond with her pupils (similar bond she had experienced with her former teacher). The classes were simply too big…. That was, unluckily, the standard in New Delhi, a place where she had moved after getting married. Many children and lack of quality schools necessarily result in classes of thirty of even forty children. Soon enough. Carla found it difficult to be a good teacher, and struggled to find satisfaction in her daily life.


Having a child has changed Carla’s life

Carla gave a birth to a beautiful daughter. She was healthy on the first glance, but it took her a bit too long to start walking, and later to start talking. When two years old, Leena was diagnosed with down syndrome. She required a special care, and a special school.

Just when Carla hoped to end her maternity leave and resume teaching, new challenges appeared in front of her. ‘What’s next?’ she asked herself, not knowing what to do. She wanted to continue her career in education, and she also had a great support from her husband, who suggested to work form home and stay with the child.

But Carla decided to change her career, to specialize. She enrolled in special education studies,hoping to learn how to care for her own child better, and possibly improve the situation of other children that had been diagnosed with Down Syndrome in India.


Joining the school for children with special needs

After finishing her second studies, and after priceless practice she had with her own daughter Leena, Carla was ready to return to school. She joined the single educational institution dedicated to special needs in her district. The classrooms were much smaller here, up to ten children. Carla immediately saw the opportunity to teach the way she always wanted. She soon built a personal bond with each child, and led them on their difficult way.

She also quickly understood the many myths about Down Syndrome were just that-myths. In contrary to the opinion of general public, people suffering from this condition can actually find their place in society and get a job. She discovered good role models, such as American singer Chris Burke, or Spanish actor Pablo Pineda, who actually managed to graduate from University despite being diagnosed with Down Syndrome.

Carla spent a lot of time consulting people from NDSS, trying to understand the best ways how to help the children to break the barrier. Soon enough, Leena joined the school… But Carla wanted to do more, She consulted people from specialeducationinterviewquestions.com , who offered her a databases of teachers that worked successfully with special needs pupils all around the world. She started a discussion group with these people, and the initiative is called Special Needs in India. The members are trying to bring innovation to special education and make it better within the country.

Sometimes the difficult experiences of life lead us towards our true calling. So be thankful for them, and enjoy doing what you like to do.


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